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This is Ever After Cover Design's standard terms and conditions. Please make sure you thoroughly read everything on this page before making any agreements.




Initial Payment

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure a booking. This deposit must be paid within 5 days of the sent invoice date.


The remaining balance is not due until approval of the cover itself. No files will be sent until payment is made in full.


Final Payment

Final payment is due within 7 days of project completion. Unless discussed with us, a 30 USD late fee will be added for each week that payment isn’t made.



Sales of pre-made designs are considered final, and no refunds or exchanges will be entertained after the invoice is settled. A payment window of 24 hours is provided upon invoice issuance; failure to remit payment within this timeframe will result in the item being made available for purchase by others. Additionally, completion of an information form is required, and the generation of all final files is expected to be completed within 1-2 weeks upon submission of the required details.




All deliverables will be delivered via google drive after receipt of your final payment. Due to timezone differences between our designers and PA’s, clients must allow up to 24-48 hours after payment to receive this link.





We always recommend booking well ahead of any scheduled deadlines.


Initial Drafts

Ever After Cover Design will take up to 2 weeks to provide a draft. If a draft is taking longer than expected to make, the client will be notified.



Unless specified in a package, Ever After Cover Design allows up to 3 rounds of revisions and 1 re-draft. Revision information must be given by the client within 3 days of the date that the draft is given. Revisions will be made by designers within a week of each round - if revisions are given on time and the types of revisions permit.


If a re-draft is requested, authors will have to allow another 1-2 weeks for a new draft. A re-draft also can not be requested after given revisions.


Each requested change or re-draft will take extra time on Ever After Cover Design’s part to complete and delay the completion of the final book cover. Ever After Cover Design is not responsible for missed deadlines on the client’s end due to additional changes.


Final files & PDF’s:

As previously mentioned, final files will be sent after we have received final payment. PDF’s will not be sent until we receive a final page count, trim & page color. Under the circumstance where a page count has not yet been provided, a date will be booked for a client’s cover re-size upon project confirmation. We recommend booking this date two weeks before deadlines.


Project Completion


Client Approval

The client must clearly approve the cover before any files are exported.



Ever After Cover Design requires cover design credit to appear in one of two locations in the Client’s book.

1. Copyright page

2. On the back of the cover

Attribution should appear as either of the following:

Cover Design by Acacia @ Ever After Cover Design

Cover Design by Silver @ Ever After Cover Design

Cover Design by Daniela @ Ever After Cover Design

Cover Design by Aliyah @ Ever After Cover Design

Additionally, Ever After Cover Design must be tagged/mentioned in all social media posts or PR company blast.

Facebook & Instagram: @everaftercoverdesign


Ownership & Copyright

All preparation materials, sketches, visuals, including the electronic files used to create the project remain property of Ever After Cover Design. Final payment ensures that only use of the design & deliverables become your property.

All subrights, (foreign and audio) MUST pay and sign a licensing agreement for rights to use the cover.


Client Restrictions

The client does not have any rights or permission to use/modify/alter/replicate or borrow any of the ideas/concepts/sketches that Ever After Cover Design presents. Furthermore, designs and their concept, including layout, image style, coloring, placement and fonts are not permitted to be recreated or altered by another person.


All original preparation materials including drafts, sketches, visuals and unused ideas shown and considered will remain the property of Ever After Cover Design.


If you are a book box company or a client Ever After Cover Design has designed an exclusive for a book box company, our designs can not be used to re-create alternative covers, bookmarks or any other type of art for your books. These designs specifically are created as limited exclusives.


Should the client attempt to use/modify/alter/replicate or steal any of Ever After Cover Design’s work, legal counsel will be taken.


Project Termination

Either party may terminate this contract at any time for any reason they deem necessary with written notice.


If the client decides to cancel a project prior to their booking, no additional charges will incur, nor will their deposit be refunded.


Reasons for cancellation may include:

  • Violation of contract or terms and conditions. 

  • Project extending outside of two month period. 

  • Client sharing unfinished work with parties not including the clients team or Ever After Cover Designs team. 

  • Micro-management 

  • Unprofessional, rude, or disrespectful behavior.


If the project has started, the client will be responsible for paying 25% of the project total prior to project termination. If the project has started and a re-draft with revisions has been made, the client will then be responsible for paying 50% of the left over project total. This is to account for our designers' time and resources used.


Should the client choose to cancel this project after project confirmation, the client will remain responsible for full payment of the complete project total.

Should the client violate our terms of service in any way, EACD has the right to cancel the project.


Stock Images & Project Resources

Stock Images
The selected image is exclusive to this particular project, with Ever After Cover Design retaining complete rights to the photo. It is acknowledged that other authors or designers may potentially use identical or similar images/models, Ever After Cover Design  cannot be held accountable for the presence of similar imagery on other book covers.

The photo is strictly restricted from being sold, reused, or utilized outside the specified context, except for book-related printing, reproductions, and similar purposes. Its usage is permitted for paperback and ebook promotion as well as online promotional activities, but it cannot be employed for resale items other than the eBook and print book. Should the client wish to create additional sale items featuring this photo, the acquisition of extended rights is necessary.

Any usage of the photo on other printed works by alternate designers requires explicit discussion and agreement. Ever After Cover Design  maintains sole rights to the specified photo. In all circumstances, no alterations to the image are permitted without the prior permission of Ever After Cover Design.

AI Usage
Ever After Cover Design exclusively refrains from utilizing AI-generated imagery. Although inadvertent errors may occur, and reputable platforms might not consistently label AI accurately, we diligently strive to prevent such oversights. In the event that an unintentional mistake involves the use of an artificially generated image in our design, we are committed to rectifying the situation promptly. We will take corrective action by modifying the cover to remove any inadvertently included AI-generated elements. Recognizing the inevitability of occasional accidents and acknowledging our human fallibility, we assure our clients that we will take the necessary steps to rectify any such occurrences promptly and professionally.


Limitation of Liability


Loss or damages

You agree and accept that Ever After Cover Design is not legally responsible for any loss or damage suffered or incurred related to use of any of our services, whether from amendments, errors or omissions in documents, designs, information or any goods or services offered. This includes your use or reliance on any third party content, links, comments or advertisements. Your use of, or reliance on, any information or materials Ever After Cover Design may produce, amends or designs is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable.


You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and expressly exclude liability of Ever After Cover Design for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.


Ever After Cover Design affirms that all designs presented to you will be original and to the best of our knowledge will not infringe/plagiarize any other work. However, Ever After Cover Design assumes no legal responsibility for any loss or damage suffered or incurred related to legal issues regarding the originality or authenticity of our work.



Ever After Cover Design hereby acknowledges he/she may be involved in or become aware of information that relates to the client on a personal level including information related to the client’s past, future, present, customer names, marketing plans, project information & financial documents. Ever After Cover Design agrees to protect all the above information and keep any information obtained confidential. However, the designer will be permitted to display final work on their website, social media and in promotional materials.

Client Responsibilities

The Client is fully responsible for proofing the book cover design provided by Ever After Cover Design. Ever After Cover Design highly suggests requesting an author proof from the printer/publisher of choice before official publishing or ordering of print copies. Ever After Cover Design will not be responsible for financial or legal issues such as cost, fees, or expenses incurred by the Client as a result of using the book cover design.

If the Client provides materials subject to intellectual property rights by a third-party, the Client will secure the appropriate rights to use the materials before directing Ever After Cover Design to incorporate them into their project. Ever After Cover Design reserves the right to request a copy of the secured right. Should any intellectual property dispute arise involving materials the Client provides, they assume full legal and financial responsibility.


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ever after cover design, book cover design, custom book cover, romance books, romance book recs, fantasy books, custom cover
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